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Business Consulting

In 2018, I was Linkedin’s Best Consultant in the greater-Portland area. I’ve helped countless physicians, CEOs, and founders build their companies through strategic consulting. My specialty is in sales and business development. As a revenue consultant, I can show you how to quickly build a high-performing Sales Team to improve your bottom line. I’ve worked with sales directors, managers, and supervisors to create training programs, hiring strategies, and protocols to sustain success.

Branding & Digital Marketing Consultant

As a digital agency co-founder, I help global and personal brands reach countless customers online. However, I got here from serving clients for over 13 years. I know what works and what doesn’t.

My work with digital marketing goes back a long way. In fact, way back in 2009 I was so bullish on social media for businesses that I created the world’s first digital marketing magazine called Viral Ventures. Major industry influencers contributed to topics I predicted to be impactful in the future.

Some people dismissed this magazine and the idea of social media for business, but I was right: Look where the industry is now! Today, everything I talked about in this magazine has come to fruition. Here are examples of my Digital Marketing Results for small brands within one month.

SEO Experience

I loved being a marketing manager and agency owner, but I also took pride in writing some content myself. For my article writing, a lot of it centers around finding the perfect brand story to tell. However, after that you have to apply the latest SEO tactics. In 2015, I got serious and earned the UC Davis SEO certificate. That’s a giant 5-class series culminating in advanced SEO and analytics. Since then, I’ve been able to rank my clients on page #1 of Google within several weeks.

In one project, I even outranked Nike for “Nike campus map” (it’s a huge land grab so it’s searched a lot).  And for three years straight, I once ranked on page 1 of Google for the term “swing trading”–beating out every dictionary, investment blogger, trading software company, stock trading course, and all but one bank and investment firm!

Professional Writing

I’ve written—and ghostwritten—for every major business publication. Currently, since Medium.com has massive SEO value (domain authority), I write for the #1 periodical there–The Startup. Prior to writing commercially, I taught business and remedial writing courses for five years. Here’s my writing portfolio and case studies.


  • SEO Certificate: UC Davis [5 College Course Sequence]
  • Content Marketing Certification: Hubspot
  • Search Engine Optimization Certification [SEO]: Hubspot
  • Semantic SEO & Topical Authority Course: Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR
  • SEO That Works 4.0: Brian Dean [Backlinko, now a SEMrush acquisition]
  • Gotch SEO Academy: Nathan Gotch
  • Design Sprint Certification: AJ & Smart (with Google Ventures)
  • Master’s Degree & Bachelor’s Degree: Portland State University
  • State-Certified CTE License: Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate: University of Pennsylvania, Wharton: Marketing, Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship
  • GLG Council Member


Peyton’s non-profit work includes serving diverse populations. In 2008, he left medicine to create and partially fund two award-winning business school programs for at-risk youth.

Peyton continues to teach college and high school business courses part-time to improve his community. He currently serves on the board of Raising Justice, an organization focused on helping the youth achieve greater public safety.

Everything in business starts and ends with your brand.

You don’t have to be the best, you just have to be marketable. Since everyone provides some sort of value, it’s really the branding, marketing, and PR that is lacking in most would-be industry superstars. That’s where I come in.

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If you’re a business leader, I can help you and your company generate greater influence and market share in your industry.

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