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Hi, I like to help people in business, education, and philanthropy create sustainable legacies. I work with global companies and personal brands that change the world. 

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About Me

I’m a fan of 20% theory and 80% practice. I’ve never taken a formal business course in my life, yet managed to become a medical director that helped grow a business from 1 to 17 locations.

Because of this experience, the state allowed me to teach business in public institutions, and serve as the state representative for vocational education (CTE/STEM) in Oregon. My last part-time stint was at Portland State University and Concordia where I got to bridge the gap between college curricula and industry needs.

Back in 2009, I created a digital marketing agency long before social media marketing was even a thing! I have consulted over 200 physician practices and then created a system to serve other industries.

However, not everything in my career story has been smooth. 

Let’s just reframe failure, shall we?

Failure is feedback. I’m not ashamed to say that I failed my first startup in spectacular fashion. Ultimately, these lessons made me become a better businessman.

Hundreds of clients later, today I work with businesses that need to deliver real results to their customers and need someone with experience to get them there.



Facebook Marketing Specialist for local and global brands. 


Two of many great causes I support.


Business and personal coaching for accelerated results.

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