This site is for trailblazers like myself who want to improve their lives and change the world in the process.

In my work, I study outliers in education, business, and technology to uncover the essential components and patterns in their life story. I’m interested in what makes people succeed or fail, how conventional wisdom is challenged, how institutions may inhibit our creativity–and what to do about it to make a significant impact.

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Who is Arlie Peyton?

I’m an educator and success coach. I have helped thousands of people improve their reach and results through story and strategy. It’s my job to help people live a better story!

I have worked with private clients, schools, and global brands such as Adidas, Nike, Starbucks, Intel, and Boeing. My background includes leadership roles in education, business, and government (former State Representative for Vocational Ed / STEM).

I’m a native Oregonian based in Portland—a magical and mysterious city enveloped by a Douglas Fir rainforest.

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