About Me

10 years as adjunct for writing and business courses

Digital marketing agency owner and brand consultant.

Native Oregonian and Portland loyalist.

Business Story

2009 - Present

Digital Marketer

Owner of 
2006 - 2015

Business Educator

[description coming soon – PSU, LHS, CU]
2003 - 2005

Medical Marketer & Sales

[description coming soon -Hoya Global]
2001 - 2003

Medical Center Director

[description coming soon]


M.A., Lit. - Focus in Critical Theory & Gothic Lit.
B.A., Literature - Specialization in British Romanticism
Certificates @ The Wharton School of Business, Penn - Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing,


It has been my life mission to create sustainable legacies in education, business, and philanthropy that champion the underdog.


Business Consulting & Coaching 93%
WordPress 76%
Digital Marketing 91%
Jenga 50%
College Teaching 80%

Epic Fails

  • Failed to get into college (spent one year in a JC)

  • Failed my first startup in my 20’s

  • College warning for low grades (graduated with a 3.4 GPA)

  • Looked over for a significant role in dream company

  • Approved a bad hire that nearly destroyed a legacy

  • Missed Bauhaus concert because my car broke down

Leadership Roles

  • State Rep For Vocational Education (800 members)

  • Diversity Committee Leadership

  • Business Program Director And Founder [2x]

  • University Supervisor & Faculty Workshop Lead

  • Founder And Editor In Chief Of Two Publications

  • Founder And President Of Three Businesses

  • Startup Weekend Panelist & Mentor

  • Medical Center Director

  • Marketing Agency Owner¬†

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