7 Key Life Roles (7R)

7 Roles
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7 Roles

What Are The 7 Key Life Roles?

Life can get complicated. Out of the dozens of hats we wear in life, it usually comes down to satisfying a few basic roles. Their emphases change during different stages in our lives. There really is no such thing as life balance, there is only life role counter-balancing. We must go through phases where we sacrifice one thing for another. You can’t give 100% to everything simultaneously. We must learn to prioritize what to focus on now. The 7 Key Life Roles exercise helps you do this. It starts with understanding our basic roles.

Role Descriptions

The Scholar

This is the learner in all of us. We all seek growth and mental evolution. The scholar embodies this desire and trait.

The Scholar has two aspects: the professional scholar and the personal scholar. The former learns skills to improve their commercial viability. The latter learns things out of pure personal interest.

Role Manifestation Example: Your education journey has been a long one, but you know it will serve you well. You are searching for a path that will make you really stick out. Decide to be the foremost expert in your area of study.


Prioritize your roles and improve your life!

7 Roles worksheet

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