Are We A Match?

I don’t work with just anyone, and neither should you.

To be blunt, I only work with established brands who make truly remarkable things for their customers. (The market is the judge here.)

I also only work with clients who have a budget to achieve great results.

If you want generic strategies or content to collect upvotes, shares, and pithy comments so others might like you more . . . I’m not your guy.

If you want customized strategies or content that generates an insane amount of content views, landing page visits, email opt-ins, and conversions . . . I’m your guy.

This might be a bad fit if . . .

you don’t have a marketing budget.
you have no idea what a funnel is.
you refer to yourself as an Influencer.
you refer to yourself in the third-person.
you just want a bunch of likes and hearts.
you’ve bought email lists.
you don’t have a big email list.
you have no idea what a Gantt chart is.
you think people don’t read long-form articles anymore.
you think articles can bypass all stages and go directly to a sale.
you don’t care about the viewer/reader experience.
you don’t privilege great content.
you think SEO is dead.
you don’t like lists.
you’re not the decision-maker.
you have no sense of humor.

Are we still a match?
Happy to talk.

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