Peyton and his team are hired by companies of all sizes in the medical, SaaS, e-commerce, and education industries for strategy and consulting work.

Clients rely on Peyton for his two decades of management, marketing, and scaling experience. He has worked primarily in leadership positions that include Medical Center Director, President, and Director of Client Services for industry-leading companies.

Peyton has also collaborated with iconic companies as a consultant, partner, and advisor. These companies include Nike, Adidas, HSBC, Apple, GLG, Amazon, and Boeing. He also works with several 7 and 8-figure private personal brands.

Peyton is a creative strategist often brought in to solve the toughest problems and unearth the greatest revenue opportunities.

He has consulted over 200 businesses over the years.

Common Consulting Projects include:

  • Growth marketing and revenue strategies
  • Business development and advanced sales systems
  • Optimal revenue and business models
  • Design sprints and best-next-product clarity
  • Digital marketing, SEM, & SEO strategies
  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) creation and analysis
  • Rebranding and brand positioning
  • Customer discovery and customer creation for startups
  • Relational communication and sales with ICPs
  • Prospect acquisition (content, ads, landing pages, offers, nurture sequences, etc)

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