Peyton and his team are hired by companies of all sizes in the medical, SaaS, e-commerce, and education industries for strategy and consulting work.

Clients rely on Peyton for his two decades of management, marketing, and scaling experience. He has worked primarily in leadership positions that include Medical Center Director, President, and Director of Client Services for industry-leading companies.

Peyton has been hired to work with iconic companies as a management consultant, partner, and advisor. These companies include Nike, Adidas, HSBC, Apple, GLG, Amazon, and Boeing. Some clients have MBAs from Wharton and Harvard, and one dropped out of high school to create a $30M brand. He’s the person to call to solve the toughest problems or to generate impactful insights.

Over the years, Peyton has consulted over 200 businesses.

Peyton was the presentation writer and brains behind the most impactful and successful event all year for an established brand pivoting into new luxury home construction. Attendees included only c-suite and director-level members worldwide.

Common Consulting Projects include:

  • Growth Marketing and Revenue Strategies
  • Global Marketing Campaign Strategy & Management
  • Brand Strategy & Product Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Product Positioning
  • Business development, advanced sales systems, & account-based sales/marketing
  • Optimal revenue and business models
  • Design sprints and best-next-product clarity
  • Digital marketing, SEM, & SEO strategies
  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) creation and analysis
  • Customer Journeys & Touch Points
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Setup & Systems
  • Relational communication and sales with ICPs
  • Prospect acquisition (content, ads, landing pages, offers, nurture sequences, etc)

Typical Results

  • 25%+ AAR
  • Sales & Marketing Playbook
  • Organizational Marketing Framework To Scale
  • Global Marketing Campaign Plan & Messaging
  • Strategic Brand Positioning & GTM Plan

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  • 60 minutes
  • In our video call, we’ll focus our talk on your top 2 goals or topics.
  • I’ll outline the best strategies, specific tactics, and other actionable items.
  • This will be recorded to review later.
  • My Capabilities and Expertise: Any topic mentioned above.
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