Content Marketing

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#1 Ranked Articles

Several of my SEO-focused articles rank #1 on page #1 of Google for specific keywords or keyword phrases.

Page #1 Articles

In 2019, several of my articles rank on the first page for their keywords. For example #5 for "swing trading" and #3 for "SMMA Clients".

Reputation Management

Some client articles are used to bury false reviews, out-rank the competition, and improve brand reputation.

Evergreen Leads

Several SEO articles lead to a constant influx of high-quality leads. 1,000 page views minimum per article within one month. HQ leads = 100's.

500+ New Email Subscribers

My articles for clients result in an average of 500 new subscribers per project. Use of articles, Calls To Action, and Lead Magnets generate leads.

Personal Branding

My ghost-written articles, interviews, and reviews help position personal brands as influencers in their industry.

My profile on Muckrack with sample articles on Startups, Social Media, SaaS Companies, and Education.

swing trading 2019

This article beat out every bank and stock firm in the world except Ally. I beat every stock expert, money publication, etc. [Results from Chrome in Incognito mode.]


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