1. There is a word for people who fail, adjust, persist, and succeed: REMARKABLE.
  2. Ordinary people achieve remarkable things every day.
  3. Gratitude will get you everywhere.
  4. We all create something of VALUE people can use.
  5. Finding your True North is the first key to happiness and fulfillment.
  6. Happiness Leads to success, not the other way around.
  7. The framework for predictable success combines: Mindset, Strategy, & Execution.
  8. Long-term success is achieved through mastering the seven key ROLES in life.
  9. Successful people move from being Thought Leaders to Change Agents.
  10. Remarkable people don’t want Information, they want a Transformation.
  11. Process and Results are the Yin and Yang of personal evolution.
  12. Self-Mastery is mastery of life.
  13. No one builds an empire alone; each person in your tribe matters.
  14. Simplicity can be effective and profound.
  15. Sacrifice equals results.
  16. Your life is an epic Journey & Story where you are the hero & author.
  17. Don’t wait: CREATE.
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