True North, Or How To Find Our Way Home

At the peak of my education career, I stepped away for a year. It was a bold move. I was creating legacy programs throughout the state, but inside things were falling apart. I lacked the support I needed and I failed myself in certain situations. Rather than point fingers and play the blame game, I stepped away to collect myself. I was wayward from my True North.

Root Causes

I found the root of my mistakes or misunderstandings and worked on them full-time. I read voluminously and created new habits in my life. 1  I exercised and meditated. I didn’t spend money on anything beyond the basics like food, shelter, and bills for nearly two years. 2  Also, I’d go weeks and months without talking to anyone outside of my household. You can say I lived like a monk.

It was a revelation.

Not everyone is willing to take this kind of time away to collect their thoughts. However, it’s important to be reflective about your life, results, and mindset. What you’ll find is that your ego is usually the enemy. 3

What Mitigates Egos

At work, I observed many miscommunications and failings that were due to over-developed egos and a toxic culture. It was a big institution, and it was bound to happen. People underestimated each other. Some caused trouble for no reason. Others thought they were better than everyone else.

What I know is that egos don’t matter. Care matters. The best educators out-care others to meet their students’ needs. Period. In this mindset, big egos are an obstacle.

To control your ego, you have to clearly understand who you really are. Why do you do what you do? Why does your work matter? What are the actions you take that shows dedication to the craft? In essence, are you striving to manifest your true self, best self, and ideal self in what you do?

This journey to the self has less to do with your ego, and more to do with your body, mind, and soul.

True North

Deep down, we know what we want and what we’re capable of. True North is your soul’s alignment with your heart and mind. It’s manifested by action and behavior. It’s a combination of our beliefs, values, passions, and skills that define who we are.

True North square image

When we use our Truth North as a guiding light in our lives, we rarely make bad decisions. Often, it’s not that we get lost in the world; It’s that we lose the best parts of our true self. We can find ourselves again. Our True North is our starting and ending point for fulfillment and prosperity.