Why The World Needs More Change Agents Than Thought Leaders

Today, it feels like everyone is talking about being an influencer through thought leadership. It’s about getting on a stage, telling anecdotal stories, and theorizing about the future. Change Agents seem to be an afterthought

A lot of it is inspiring stuff.

However, what happens after the dust settles and the stage lights go off? What’s happens in the background when no one is looking or listening?

There comes a time we’ve heard enough. We’re either motivated and take action, or we don’t. It’s change that must happen to improve. Sometimes hearing another speech just won’t be the catalyst for transformation.

We need more than mere thoughts to truly influence us.

We live in a world of action. And for that, we need change agents. These people have their own ideas and they’re putting them to work with the people that matter most.

What we often get is ambitious people doing all the research and practicing great pitches, but they don’t have hard-fought experience that gave them superior results.

And real results matter because they come from more than just thinking, they come from direct action.

Leadership begins in the trenches and goes all the way to the top. It’s not a top-down route which is the approach of many so-called thought leaders.

To be a great leader, you have to be more than an inspirational speaker. You have to be able to lead change, whether the masses hear about it or not.

It’s about doing the work and sharing your incredible value to the world to make it a better place. That’s what a true influencer does.

You don’t need a stage. You just need a tribe.