Is the world divided between givers and takers? Maybe not, but it opens up an interesting debate.

The funny thing about giving without always looking for a take, is that sometimes it comes back to you three-fold.

In professor Adam Grant’s book Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success 1, the data points to givers doing better in the long-run. Their lives are better, the people they help are better, and the world becomes a better place.

In contrast, short-term thinking takers do well for themselves, but only in the beginning. A key component of givers is that not only do they give freely often without expecting anything back, they also show gratitude for all things big and small.

They give thanks.

For me, this debate can go on forever. I don’t know if the word is divided between givers or takers, and who benefits the most.

What I do know is given the choice, who would I rather be around?

Someone who is self-centered and cynical, or someone who wants to improve everyone’s lives around them–even when their giving causes a temporary setback to themselves?

Remember: There’s no need to keep tabs. The universe has your back. Show gratitude liberally.


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