You don’t have to be a superhero to achieve super results. Unassuming heroes do amazing things every day. Whether it’s saving lives or educating our youth, we often miss the daily wonders ordinary people in this world do.

Maybe there’s no trophy for these people, but that’s not why they do it. They do it because it’s meaningful. They have a mission in life that’s bigger than they are. The world can be scary, and yet these people face their fears every day with ordinary actions that become extraordinary.

Heroes In Plain Sight

I once met a woman who had a tiny daycare center in her home. Even after getting a master’s degree in education, she couldn’t find work so she hired herself. She single-handedly took care of several kids.

What’s different is that this woman specialized in taking care of kids other centers turned away. Some of these kids had so much energy, they were bouncing off the walls. Others had anger issues. A few little ones oscillated between crying and yelling when they were dropped off at her home. All of them had a special program to follow for their learning, diet, and/or behavior.  I don’t know how she kept track of this.

Though something like this would drive me crazy, it never seemed to get her down. In fact, she thrived on the challenge. On her watch, she got kids to laugh, play, learn, and respect everyone around them. Nothing about what she did was ordinary.

When I found out how little she made doing this, I was in shock. Like many Americans, she was over-educated and under-employed. It’s a shame what society values. This woman’s work was difficult and relentless. And yet, each kid left her place with love in their hearts because of the care she gave them. That’s heroic and admirable in my book.  1

Redefining Heroes

You can look at life and be fooled by who’s the richest, prettiest, strongest, or smartest people on earth and think of them as your personal heroes. Or you can see the heroism in the actions of everyday people you probably know.

Ordinary people like teachers, police officers, nurses, or soldiers don’t need a cape. They just show up to work and take care of the community one person at a time.

Are you one of these people? Are you doing remarkable things to improve your life and the world? You’re a hero then. We’re ready to follow your lead!


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  1. * I think people would be amazed if they learned more about the heroism and magic people do. I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work worth several: they’re all unsung heroes that need recognition. Here are a few places in Portland:

    • Raphael House


    New Avenues

    Janus Youth


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