Can you really have it all without having to sacrifice anything?

The other day I was on a small business consultant’s website. She seemed very credible in her line of work. She lead her brand message with something interesting. Basically, it came across like this: “build a business without all the sacrifice.”

This is the wave of thinking augmented by Tim Ferriss. Work less, make more, and design your own ideal lifestyle. I’m a huge fan of Tim and doing your own thing, but let’s be honest:

Nothing great can be accomplished without some form of sacrifice. #TruthBomb

To most, this is painfully obvious. There is no grand insight here. But why was this business consultant pushing the whole idea that creating a business is easy. It’s not. Most fail. If you don’t sacrifice something, your business will fail too.

What I suspect is that her message was just a way to hook people in. That’s fine, not everyone is a good marketer or copywriter. But let’s be real. When building a business, you will get more No’s than Yes’s. You’ll lose time, money, sleep, customers, employees, and partners trying to figure out what works.

That’s a lot of sacrifices if you ask me!

Nothing Comes For Free: Sacrifice Is Essential

Sometimes I feel that the more you sacrifice, the sweeter the prize. I’m not saying that you sacrifice things you value to the extreme. However, if you put in a lot of time working on creating something, it’s likely to pan out.

What makes an expert is sacrificing your time and energy to master the craft. No professional athlete achieved greatness by living a convenient lifestyle. Pros get up at the crack of dawn, before most people even think of getting up. They put in more sweat equity in before 10am than most people put in all day. For many, that’s one of two work sessions for the day. When they are not focused on deliberate practicing, they are thinking and talking about what they want to achieve.

This dedication to the craft is a big sacrifice. It pulled them away from a warm, cozy bed. It kept them from spending more time with their friends and family. It took time away from their hobbies and watching their favorite TV shows. It required them to rearrange their whole schedule to accommodate pure grunt work so that they could get better. It put them in awkward situations that exposed their weaknesses.

Pros sacrifice lots of things so they could improve every hour, day, week, month, and year. Until one day, all their sacrifices pay off big time. That’s what creates a champion. No one really celebrates all the times they got it wrong or all the thousands of hours they put into practicing. Those are humbling moments. All we see is the end result.

People become remarkable because they endured the long process it took to earn greatness. Maybe they never get all the fame and fortune they deserve from all the hard work they put in. Some people don’t need that.

There is an intrinsic value of working through a process and creating a desired result. Often, it’s the process or journey that’s the most important part. In this process, we are becoming or aligned with our True North and value to the world.

The funny thing is that we tend to not appreciate things that were simply given to us. Things we earn through blood, sweat, and tears–that’s something to be proud of and cherish. No one gets anywhere commendable without sacrificing something.

What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?

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