Get out of your own way.

How many times have we heard that?

Yet it’s true. There is no shortage of resources at our disposal so we can win in life. If you look around, there are countless books, courses, coaches, trainers, and mentors in the world to help us achieve exactly what we want.

So do we use these resources? Sure.

The self-improvement, positive psychology, and coaching industry is worth several billion dollars. Every day someone posts an article on how to be successful or happy—and it goes viral.

• 10 Ways To Feel Better Now

• 7 Ways To Crush Your Inner Critic

• How To Launch Your Dream Career In 5 Easy Steps

We’ve seen these types of articles a million times. Heck, I even wrote some of them!

If information about making our lives better is abundant, how come depression is at an all-time high?

All these resources do help, but it succeeding often comes down to one thing: getting out of your own way.

In life, before you can help others you have to help yourself. Self-mastery is a life-long process that affects everything you do. It’s vital you understand the unique value that only you can create.

To do this, you have to go inward to discover how you can deliver value to the outside world. It entails understanding four main lenses I call your True North:

• Your Beliefs

• Your Values

• Your Passions

• Your Skills

When you look at the world, you are seeing through these four lenses. If any of these lenses are not defined well, your view of the world becomes distorted. Because of that, your actions and results turn out to be less than ideal too.

Therefore, it’s important that you investigate and rediscover these four lenses. You must go inward. Of course, over time these lenses may change based on your experiences. However, knowing where you are now with them dramatically improves your outcomes in life.

Self-mastery comes from knowing yourself and finding a way to manifest your True North into the world by creating value. It’s a tug of war between thinking, doing, feeling, and connecting.

It includes going inward just as much as it going outward. The world counts. People count. Relationships count. We create our own unique value for ourselves and others. The bridge between the two is connection. It’s communication, understanding, and sharing. Oddly, mastering ourselves then is not one-sided. It includes who we are and our place in society.

Once we begin understanding and mastering our selves, that’s when our great work truly begins.

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Hi, I'm Peyton. I help people and businesses dramatically improve through digital marketing and story. I'm based in Portland, Oregon — a magical and mysterious city enveloped by a Douglas Fir rainforest.
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