The Navy Seals have a great saying and it’s one element of being remarkable:

The only easy day was yesterday.

That’s a great mindset to adopt if you know you have some big challenges ahead. This sets you up to win the day, every day.

Success is not easy and you’re sure to make lots of mistakes. (Like the time I singed my eyebrows.) So what? What’s easy is giving up. What’s hard is completing things most people give up on.

What Does It Mean To Be Remarkable?

The word remarkable is a peculiar word. It’s usually positive, but it can connote extreme goodness or extreme evil. It also has two interesting human qualities: revisitation and socialization.

When you experience something, your brain automatically makes a mental note of it [mark]. Then later on, something might trigger that note and you feel compelled to bring it up again [remark].

You might decide to make a public remark. Maybe others do the same. If a lot of people start talking, it spreads. In some cases this news becomes viral.

On a small scale, a simple remark is no big deal. On a large scale—when lots of people are talking about it—that’s where it becomes remarkable.

There’s no magic number for remarkable. I can’t say if less than 1,000 talk about something it’s not remarkable. But if something is worthy of attention to the masses, it’s considered remarkable. Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged and remembered?

The Polysemy Of Remarkable

If you’re remarkable, that means you’re an outlier. You’re in the top 1-10%. You’re not average.

Remarkable Defined 3

Average is often ordinary and boring. No one wants to be boring. Therefore, unless we’ve already made it, we are most likely on the Journey To Remarkable.

Of course, some of us just aren’t there . . .  yet. Or maybe we are already world-class at something, and we’re striving to be better in other areas of our life. We get to create our own story.

Authoring Our Own Stories

We are all authors and heroes in our own life story. We are on a journey and the goal is bigger than creating another happy ending.

Your story is really about learning to enjoy the process (happiness or fulfillment), acquiring new skills (growth), creating value in the world (meaningful contribution), working with your supporting cast (friendship), listening to your mentors (learning), and facing your fears (personal evolution).

Will you choose to be remarkable?

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