It’s not uncommon to get 300% to 3,000% Return On Ad Spend (that is, you put in $100 and get back $300 to $3,000 worth of business). It all depends on the niche and competition. ~Peyton

One of my online companies is an ad agency. Specifically, it’s a Facebook Ad agency.

This service alone brings in more business than all other digital marketing services combined. Why? Just take a look at the diagram below put out by SEOmoz.

cost per lead

Now even though this is a few years old, it’s still relevant. It simply cost far less to advertise on Facebook than any other platform.

The old ways of marketing are fading fast [red bars in the diagram]. Digital marking is the way of the future [blue bars in the diagram].

With the rise of using smartphones and social media, businesses simply need to be where the eyes are at these days.

Facebook Is Controversial But Effective

Facebook has more reams of data on people than our own government. If you’ve paid attention to the news in 2018, Facebook got into a lot of trouble for violating user privacy laws. Data was stolen and compromised. But this is how Facebook and most social media platforms make money. Every time you click on something or enter personal data into Facebook, your unique profile is being updated. Facebook then uses that data to show more relevant ads to you.

From a user point of view, this is a bit creepy. However, from an advertiser’s point of view this is genius. With print newspapers, you’re lucky if you even get close to hitting your target audience. With Facebook, the means to target your customer is so granular, it’s scary.


You can get far more specific than demographics, which includes age, location, marital status, education level, sex, etc. You can also target behaviors such as recent online purchasing activity or if you liked a competitor’s page. Moreover, you can create a series of ads that entice a user to opt-in or make a purchase with you depending on various offers you expose to them.

Ethical Funnels

Facebook does its best to make sure ads do not target extremists and scammers. Your ad can easily be declined if you make questionable claims. For example, gym ads that show before-and-after images instantly get rejected. Also, multilevel marketing ads get instantly rejected too.

With each Ad Approval Process update, we’re seeing more restraints on political and ethnic filters people use to target specific types of customers. This is a good thing too because in the past, their loose way of approving ads have helped spread propaganda and fake news to special interest groups.

Funnels Matter

In the online business world, funnels are vital. Customers are targeted, retargeted, and then followed-up with to build trust. This funnel often parallels The Buyer’s Journey.

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