Do you only work with local clients ?

No. We work with international clients, but prefer to work with locals so to establish stronger relationships. Also, it adds to our local economy when we work locally. But like most digital agencies, we can serve anyone in the world.

How much does this cost ?

The cost of this varies with the business industry, saturation, and quality of the offerings. Most clients see results with very little ad spend and soon realize their ROI is worth spending more. 

Do you do SEO and AdWords ?

No. Though a highly effective way to get online traffic, the clients I serve make less than $5M in revenue. Small businesses usually don’t have huge marketing budgets to consistently (the key) afford SEO and AdWord services. FB ads can immediately add value with an ad spend as low as a few hundred dollars a month.

Is Facebook Ads better than Google AdWords ?

To date, yes. Numerous studies and our own experience show that for enterprise-level B2B clients, Adwords is the way to go. But for small B2B businesses and most B2C businesses, Facebook Ads is the clear winner generally speaking. Ideally, both services can be used concurrently for optimal marketing. The ratio can be determined in a consult.

Can't I do all of this by myself ?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so if you have the chops. However, our team has spent thousands of dollars and years of training mastering our services. What looks simple may be complex. Over the years, we’ve seen people waste lots of time and money trying to figure it all out on their own.

Do you have a trial ?

No. We are experts at our craft. You wouldn’t ask a surgeon for a discount. We get professional results and clients see tremendous value in our services because of the ROI.

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