Lead Scoring Tool Asset

Use This Lead Scoring Tool To Get Higher-Quality Leads!

How SMMAs Should Use This

The excel tool I created illustrates how Lead Scoring works to get higher-quality leads. It’s an option and depends on the client so consider that before mentioning it. If they don’t have a linear value ladder (no cheap items that lead to an expensive one), lead scoring could be a great solution. If they have done decent ads before and got terrible leads, you should totally mention this service! Industries that demand lead scoring are higher-end. If the cheapest product costs over $1,000 have this conversation.

So in your conversations with prospects, talk about how a surge of Top-Of-Funnel leads often don’t always convert sales well–it depends on how much their product cost and how easy it is to understand.

For expensive or sophisticated products/services, the buyer just isn’t going to buy from seeing one ad or a retargeting sequence.

They need a nurture sequence and several touch points in the funnel. Their online behaviors have weight and they indicate buying signals.

For example, if they download a lead magnet, AND they click the Pricing page, AND they filled out a free Quiz–that is substantially a better lead than someone who only got the lead magnet. These actions should be scored. [Use the FB Pixel!] In doing this, you’re also testing your funnel, copywriting, and offers.

If your client had an endless marketing budget, they could get expensive tools like HubSpot or SalesForce. Both have full-scale lead scoring tools. But if they don’t, you can help them create this higher-quality funnel quite cheaply with their email, ClickFunnels, and Zapier. (Yes, charge them to build out their funnels and use Affiliate Links. Start at a one-time funnel set-up fee of $500 for local businesses, but consider an extra $1,000+ for complex funnels integrated with email, landing pages, ads, Zapier triggers, etc.)