Paid Content Disclosure

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Paid Content (AKA, sponsored content, branded content, advertorials, etc) is any media that is paid for by a client. Content creators may receive a client’s products and/or money for pay. However, this does not mean the content is one long, biased ad.

My content is written with the intent to portray TRANSPARENCY, INTEGRITY, and ACCURACY.

While interpretations or opinions may exist, the rigor of scientific reasoning, research, and the truth should also be evident.

It is a privilege to write for the public. As a writer, I want to create interesting articles that go beyond one-dimensional promotional ads and salesmanship. I believe that creative writing and the facts are ideal for the more thoughtful consumer. Paid Content is also known as Brand Journalism, and it offers companies, employees, and consumers to tell their story.

It is also a privilege to be a paid writer that takes pride in the craft of honest discourse, storytelling, and commentary.

My goals are to respect the reader, the law, the publications, and the client. With the latter, I chose to only work with ethical entrepreneurs and brands who appear to have high ethical standards, and who create products that demonstrate incredible value for consumers. That said even with careful research and facts, all my content is my expert opinion and it does not necessarily represent the view of the publisher, platform, and/or client.

To learn more, see the FTC Guidelines For Endorsement. Also, see Sample Content Map With Sponsored Content.+ Peyton Black Suit

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