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Writing Portfolio: Case Studies & Samples

Sample Single-Article Results (1 month period)
  • 523 email opt-ins
  • 1,455 landing page visits
  • 11,408 claps/thumbs up
  • 73,990 article views

Personal brands, e-Commerce, course creators, SaaS, and high-end service providers.

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beginner sprint 1 proof

[Ranked #1, Page #1 for target keyword – click to enlarge]

  • Page #1 for Difficult Target Keyword In Google: “SMMA/Social Media Marketing Agency” – Link to getting to result #2 on page #1 of Google AND the first Featured Snippet in 1 month. [link] [Keyword Score: Difficult]

  • Page #1 for Difficult Target Keyword In Google: “Swing Trading” – Link to getting to result #4 on page #1 of Google within 2 months. Stayed on page 1 for 3 years!¬† [link] [Keyword Score: Difficult]

  • Top writer for #1 Medium publication, The Startup (2019) and #1 writer for The Ascent (2017)¬† [proof]

  • Editorial Team and Branding Consulting for Sangeet Chaudrouy’s Platform Scale: How An Emerging Business Model Helps Startups Build Large Empires With Minimum Investment¬†

Sample Articles

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