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Common Single-Article Results (1 month period)

  • 100’s shares
  • 100’s email opt-ins
  • 100’s+ landing page visits
  • 50,000+ article views
  • 1-3 target keywords rank to page #1 in Google – (1-3 months)
  • [Revenue: Depends on the product, niche, and price. Latest: $64,000 / mo]


NICHES: Personal brands, SaaS, e-Commerce, online course creators, & high-end service providers.

Case Studies
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#1 imagePage #1 of Google

I have ranked countless client articles on page #1 of Google for competitive keywords.

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  • Page #1 for Difficult Target Keyword In Google: “SMMA/Social Media Marketing Agency” – Link to getting to result #2 on page #1 of Google AND the first Featured Snippet in 1 month. [link] [Keyword Score: Difficult]

  • Page #1 for Difficult Target Keyword In Google: “Swing Trading” – Link to getting to result #4 on page #1 of Google within 2 months. Stayed on page 1 for 3 years!  [link] [Keyword Score: Difficult]

  • Top writer for #1 Medium publication, The Startup (2019) and #1 writer for The Ascent (2017)  [proof]

  • Editorial Team and Branding Consulting for Sangeet Chaudrouy’s Platform Scale: How An Emerging Business Model Helps Startups Build Large Empires With Minimum Investment 

Sample Articles

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I work with entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, writers, and online educators who need to improve their brand positioning and to acquire massive traffic. I help my clients be seen as industry experts and thought leaders in their space. So far, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most ethical people and brands at the very top of their field. Not everyone qualifies, but if you’d like to inquire about being a client, take the first step and click the link below.

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