What Peyton's Up to!

Coaching Tools

I created countless tools for coaches or self-coaches. My coaching system (J2R) is story-based and highly unique. It’s for people who are tired of the same, generic, boring coaching tools out there everybody is using. While I only take on a limited number of clients for business and life coaching, this is a system I want more coaches to experience. (Coming Soon!)

Best Books Ever

I am in the process of creating several reading lists of the top books I’ve read and use teaching. This list will dramatically cut down your time reading because I believe they are the best of the best. 

The 1-Page Business Plan

As a startup advisor, I created this because common business model “canvases” only worked for big businesses. My worksheet was specifically made for startups and microbusinesses. It’s based on avoiding the top reasons why businesses fail. (Download)


SEO and content marketing is one of my strong suits over the past years. I’m continually refining my SEO mastery to rank personal and client sites.

Priority Planner

I’m giving away a goal tracker to inspired by Derek Sivers and my own J2R System. Bottom line: it gets you laser focused on your tip three priorities. Also, getting on my productivty list gives you access to my Decision Matrix (WADM) excel spreadsheet for making the smartest decisions ever! (Download)

Freelance Writer

Writing blogs and articles for several publications has been a great joy. When you fuse SEO with content, that is a winning strategy to get traffic and clicks. View portfolio or Contact me.