The following are my latest projects and businesses:


Business Model Worksheet – One page to rule them all! Take your business ideas to profitability with this FREE easy guide and worksheet. I created this because common business model “canvases” only worked for big businesses. My worksheet was made for startups and microbusinesses. It’s based on avoiding the top reasons why businesses fail. (Download)

Freelance Writer – SEO-optimized content. View portfolio or Contact me.

Business and Life Coaching – Learn more about story-based coaching here.

Coaching Tools – I have countless tools for coaches (or self-coaches). My coaching system (J2R) is story-based and highly unique. It’s for people who are tired of the same, generic, boring coaching tools out there everybody is using. While I only take on a limited number of clients for business and life coaching, this is a system I want more coaches to experience. (learn more here)

J2R Manuscript – I created a free eBook on self-coaching and narratology. Then I expanded this to a 200+ page manuscript in Scrivener, yet to be revised. Contact me if you have a compelling life story and/or a free copy.