Books for every role

Every role you play in life can be complicated. I've created a best-of book list for each role to help.

I read a lot, and so do my clients. This is my personal list of the best books and readings I’ve come across. 

No book is perfect, but a well-selected one has a few good ideas. My selection process is minimal. Here’s what I look for:

  • It’s so good, I want to buy it as a resource book or gift it to someone.

  • It’s a text I’d use in college lectures, workshops, or my own writing.

  • It’s well-written, highly quotable, and organized.

  • It has a great argument or plot with plenty of supporting elements.

  • It’s often revered by people I admire (not necessarily influencers).

  • It really challenged my thoughts and emotions.

  • It added value: ideas for fiction or practical action steps for non-fiction.

    What matters most to me is their utility, not necessarily their commercial popularity.

    What I don’t believe I’ll do is provide book summaries. I hate those unless I’m forced to read a boring book for work. 

    Summaries take all the joy and learning out of reading. My wish for you is quite the opposite.

    Disclosure: I use affiliate links on this site for stuff I’ve actually bought myself.

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