Swing Trading Resources

Swing Trading Resources

Basic Tools I Used To Swing Trade For 2 Years

  • Link To Original Article – The viral Medium article on swing trading.
  • General Advice — Again, this article is my unvarnished personal story about investing. It is risky and it’s up to you to decide what to do with your money. Before investing, speak to an accredited advisor first. Choose a fiduciary that works for a flat-fee, not a commission. If you still want to swing trade, it should be no more than 5%-10% of your total investment pool. As mentioned, I have a professional manage most of my investments now. 
  • Books — The excellent and only book I read on Swing Trading. A book a read after I traded: The Neatest Little Guide To Stock Market Investing. It’s a great summary of all the great investors’ trading philosophies.
  • Stock Screener —FinViz.com (Boring, but comprehensive and free.)
  • Stock Ideas, Alerts, And Patterns — SwingTradeBot.com (I loved this site!)
  • Broker Accounts — I recommend MerrillEdge or Schwab’s High-Yield Investor Checking account. BofA’s MerrillEdge will give you lots of free trades (no fees) if you open an account with over $50,000. You can start a Schwab account for as little as $1,000. It conveniently connects a broker account to a checking and savings account. Plus, all ATM banking fees from any bank are reimbursed.
  • Schwab Magazine — The quarterly print magazine Schwab mails to you is worth its weight in gold. I’d seriously pay for it, but it’s free with your Schwab account. It won’t help you with short-term trading, but it has great articles for long-term investors of every stripe. Contact me directly if you want a referral to a great advisor I trust.
  • Mobile Trade App – M1 [see below]

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