Want To Make Better Decisions?

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How many times have you been stumped from making a major decision? This affects us daily regarding:

  • Jobs To Consider
  • University or Online Program Selection
  • Where To Live
  • Who To Take On A Trip
  • Where To Invest
  • What car/horse/yacht/jet to buy

The problem with making a general analysis is that everything is weighted the same.

Also, as professor Dan Ariley points out, we are Predicatably Irrational. That is, we make really emotional decisions even when we try to fight it. But maybe that’s not a bad thing. What if we could add a weight to that emotional component and honor it? And what if we could rank and score imporant components to our important decision?

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WADM Is The Answer

Now you can make better decisions with the WADM: Weighted Average Decision Matrix. Download it for FREE. All you need is the free MS Excel program to open it.

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