Want To Make Better Decisions?

How many times have you been stumped from making a major decision? This affects people daily.

Some decisions can be hard:

  • Business Options

  • Programs To Choose

  • Where To Relocate

  • What To Invest In

  • What car/yacht/jet to buy 

reading on bench

There are two big problems with making a general analysis grid:

  1. Everything is weighted the same and is given equal importance.
  2. We are Predictably Irrational, as professor Dan Ariely points out. That is, despite our logic we make really emotional decisions.


What if you could make a better decision that included both emotional and rational factors?  

I’ve created a decision matrix that does all the calculations for you. Its default is giving the emotional component the greatest weight (that can be easily changed too).

Now you can analyze your top five choices with your top five weighted variables. The result is The Best Answer, both analytically and emotionally!

Download it below for free!

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