Writing Proof

Writing Proof

#1 in top publication

The Ascent

Ranked #1 in Google

Most articles get in top 10 on Page #1 within 2 months.

Best Advice in Linkedin Pulse

5,219 views, 360 thumbs up, & 70 comments

29K views in 3 months

The Startup (#1 publication in Medium.com)

43K views in 5 months

67K views in 8 months

HuffPo News

5K views on HuffPo in 2 months

Page #1 On Google Proof

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I Got 7 Clients In A Row On Page #1 Of Google
For Their Keywords–And I Can Prove it.
Countless Views, Comments, Clicks, And Sales Followed.

#1 Ranked Articles

Several of my SEO-focused articles rank #1 on page #1 of Google for specific keywords or keyword phrases. All within 2 months!

Page #1 Articles

In 2019, several of my articles rank on the first page for their keywords. The result is an improved brand narrative and consistent website traffic.

Reputation Managment

Some client articles are used to bury false reviews, out-rank the competition, and improve brand reputation.

Evergreen Leads

Several SEO articles lead to a constant influx of high-quality leads. 1,000 page views minimum per article within one month. HQ leads = 100’s.

500+ New Email Subscribers

My articles for clients result in an average of 500 new subscribers per project. Use of articles, Calls To Action, and Lead Magnets generate leads.

Personal Branding

My ghost-written articles, interviews, and reviews help position experts as key influencers in their industry. I offer several personal branding options.

Writing Samples

Selling Power
The Startup
We Love NY
Better Marketing
Salon NW
The Ascent
Linkedin Pulse
Viral Ventures
Other Major Media
Selling Power

Four Essential Ways to Get New Customers

The Startup

Boosting Your Career and Getting A Raise In 2020 And Beyond [Sponsored Content: AJ&Smart]

The Lucrative Underground World of SMMA [Sponsored Content: IAG Media]

How To Travel The World And Fund It With A Simple Low-Stress Publishing Business [Sponsored Content: AIA]

The #1 Reason Why Businesses Fail And How To Prevent It

We Love NY

5 Steps For Planning A Trip To New York Using Pinterest [Sponsored Content]

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You Were Born Remarkable

Better Marketing

Why Unique Selling Points Don’t Exist [Sponsored Content: SellerPro]

Salon NW

Competing In A World Of Big Box Stores

The Ascent

I Took A Couple Years Off Of Work To Swing Trade. Here’s What Happened.

I Meditated For 95 Days In A Row. Here’s What Happened.

Linkedin Pulse

17 Ways To Get Rich [Featured In Best-Of Advice Column]

Viral Ventures

Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Viral Ventures Magazine (2009-2011).

Other Major Media

Ghostwritten articles for private c-suite clients for Forbes, Inc, MarTech.

Also, Forbes Coaches Council members are guaranteed 10 articles a year where they may very briefly mention their clients.

Topics include sales leadership, diversity training, SEO, design sprints, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and management consulting. 

12 Excellent Reasons To Invest In Long-form Articles

You get to tell a complete brand story instead of a one-liner.

You can demonstrate your industry expertise and credibility. [Forbes] 

Longer pieces result in higher conversion rates. [CrazyEgg]

Long-form writing get more shares. [Neil Patel & Brian Dean]

Long-form writing ranks higher in Google. [Brian Dean]

Long-form writing gets more links. [Copyhacker]

Longer articles generate more leads. [Jeff Bullas]

Long-form evergreen content provides continuous traffic. [Moz]

Longer pieces are the perfect compliment to shorter pieces for optimal results. [AHrefs]

The social web prefers longer pieces. [QuickSprout]

Longform articles are perfect for the popular Listicle format.

Longform articles give you time to back up claims, tell stories, and connect with prospects.

I’d love to learn about your branding goals and promotional needs.

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