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  • Featured in LinkedIn’s Best Advice column – Results: 3,500+ per article
  • Some articles returned 170+ email sign-ups in the first week.
  • An article generated over $3,076 in sales within one month.
  • A five-part blog series generated over 9,027 unique web visits in one month.
  • A simple 700-word blog post generated 4 high-ticket clients in three weeks.
  • A four-part email series was one marketing component to achieve a sold-out eCourse offer.
  • Note: Results will vary and are not guaranteed.

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Digital Content: Over a dozen articles featured on Quora Digest and LinkedIn Pulse (under Best Advice).

Print: Platform Scale: How an Emerging Business Model Helps Startups Build Large Empires with Minimum Investment – by Sangeet Paul Choudary

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Peyton is an educator, writer, and coach who loves to help people obtain greater focus and fulfillment in their lives through story. He is based in Portland, Oregon — a magical and mysterious city enveloped by a Douglas Fir rainforest. 

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