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Random Facts About Peyton

13 Random Facts About Peyton

  1. I see 80% of The Matrix movie as a documentary.
  2. I’m afraid of heights and freaked out on the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower.
  3. I’ve been a vegan for decades because I can’t drink milk and I refuse to eat meat.
  4. I built two business schools when I was a HS educator and College adjunct.
  5. I served as the State Representative for vocational education in Oregon.
  6. I learned how to ride motorcycles on a $15,000 Ducati Monster.
  7. I’m a Native Oregonian.
  8. I went to Junior College because my grades were bad. In college, I never dipped below a 3.5 GPA.
  9. I can read at 800+ WPM with 90% comprehension, I but prefer to read slow to enjoy the prose.
  10. Ninety-five percent of my clothes are one color to keep things simple.
  11. I failed my first business and that was better (and cheaper) than an MBA.
  12. I was once the youngest Medical Center Director in the USA and the only one without an MD degree.
  13. I’ve had Lasik surgery and I still wear eyeglasses.